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By Burt Tsuei

A Realtor with 20+ Years of proven track record of high quality service in the San Mateo County/Bay Area. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Burt works with buyers and sellers from Pacifica to South San Francisco to Redwood City and beyond. Burt is passionate about selling real estate in the mid-peninsula, and inspired by his clients’ goals and dreams. No matter what your unique needs are, whether you’re transitioning from city living or stepping up to a larger home, his mission comes straight from the heart: to protect your best interests and make your experience seamless.

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Many homeowners were affected by the Bay Area’s tech industry layoffs in 2023. If you or someone you know is facing this situation, knowing your financial options is crucial. That is why, today, I will give you some informative resources to help you navigate this challenging time.

The Bay Area’s resilient economy offers hope, but immediate action should be taken. During this challenging time, take a deep breath, calmly assess your situation, and don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Here are some key resources to explore:

1. Mortgage Forbearance. This program allows you to temporarily reduce or suspend your mortgage payments. Contacting your lender to discuss your eligibility and explore the terms is one of the best things to do.

2. Loan Modification. This option involves negotiating with your lender to permanently change your loan terms for long-term affordability.

3. Government assistance. Programs like Unemployment Insurance and CalHome can give you some temporary financial support. In addition to that, you can also explore some community resources offered by non-profit organizations, including counseling, food assistance, and other essential services.

“Contacting your lender to discuss your eligibility and explore the terms is one of the best things to do.”

Seeking professional guidance is important. Consult with a qualified financial advisor, housing counselor, or Realtor to understand your unique situation. This way, you can explore the best solutions for you. 

Although there is a shift in the housing market, holding onto your home can still be a wise decision, especially if you have a long-term plan and the financial stability to do so. However, consider alternatives like renting out a room or a short-term sale if you think it is necessary, depending on your situation.

Knowledge is power, so do your research and ask for professional guidance. Prioritize your well-being during these trying times. We are here to assist you, and should you have any questions or concerns, just call or email me. I’ll be happy to help.