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By Burt Tsuei

A Realtor with 20+ Years of proven track record of high quality service in the San Mateo County/Bay Area. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Burt works with buyers and sellers from Pacifica to South San Francisco to Redwood City and beyond. Burt is passionate about selling real estate in the mid-peninsula, and inspired by his clients’ goals and dreams. No matter what your unique needs are, whether you’re transitioning from city living or stepping up to a larger home, his mission comes straight from the heart: to protect your best interests and make your experience seamless.

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Have you secured your financial future for you and your family? The truth is that only 30% of Americans have an updated estate plan. Don’t let your story become one of uncertainty. Taking a proactive approach today ensures your wishes are respected, your assets are distributed smoothly, and your loved ones face minimal stress.

Real estate is often a significant asset, yet many overlook its role in financial planning. Working with a qualified real estate planner experienced in senior transitions can unlock new possibilities. They can guide you through downsizing, selling your home, or even using its value to support your retirement dreams.

Imagine the freedom of knowing your family is secure the joy of pursuing new experiences and the peace of mind that comes with a wealth-defined plan. Don’t wait; start the conversation today with a trust attorney, a CPA financial planner, and a real estate planner. 

This isn’t just about paperwork or numbers. It’s about writing the final chapter of your story with clarity and purpose. If you are ready to talk, call or email me. We are always ready to help you with whatever you need!